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RizzOro di Sicilia

Copy Editor: Jake Hendrix

A Sicilian food brand that produces sweet nut

spreads and honey varieties. The new design is eye-catching on the shelf because of its unorthodox shapes and patterns, and it draws on traditional Italian design.


The chevron-shaped label is designed to accentuate the hexagonal shape of the jar and draw attention on shelves full of more conventional packaging.


As Sicilian culture and food contain prominent Arabic influences,

so too RizzOro’s branding is inspired by an Arab legend. In the

story, a queen loves pistachios so dearly she declares them a royal food. Themes of royalty and elegance inform the packaging design

of these spreads and elevate their simple ingredients to the status of refined delicacy.


The pattern is inspired by, and designed to be, an economized version of the patterns on Sicilian ceramics.

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