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Forest en Route 

Product Photography: Jake Hendrix

Copy Editor: Jake Hendrix

A nonprofit fundraiser for Forest en Route, a partner to the National Park Foundation. A fleet of electric buses have been repurposed as portable nature exhibits that visit urban K-12 schools.

Letterhead Suite


High-level donors receive a case statement that acts as a road map through the project and can be hung on the wall as a poster.

case zoomed 1.jpg
case zoomed 2.jpg

Business Card and Mass Mailer

mailer zoomed 2.jpg
mailer zoomed 1.jpg

The website takes potential donors through information about the organization as if they are on a road trip.

The donor gifts are designed with nature-lovers in mind. Hiking backpacks are a staple for anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors, so what better gift than enamel pins to decorate their straps? And after a long day of hiking, Forest en Route donors can cozy up in their cabins and work on specially-branded jigsaw puzzles.

Enamel Pin Sheet_002.jpg
Enamel Pin Sheet_003.jpg
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