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STEM Innovation and Design

Designer: Myself

Supervisor: Roxanne Moore 

Supervisor: Tim Cone 

The STEM-ID is an integrated connection courses, developed as part of the AMP-IT-UP Math/Science Partnership project, from Georgia Tech. My goal was to make clean and crisp branding that also highlighted the human interrogation to the world of engineering. 

Logo Design

The logo uses the Kelso Round Typeface as a way to invoke the feeling of a blue print, but to still have it seem very organic and smooth instead of industrial and ridged. 

STEM-ID Logo 1 with background.png
STEM-ID Logo 2 with background.png

Icon Designs

The icons are modeled and drawn to mimic the look and feel of the Kelso Round Typeface. 

STEM-ID all icons-2.png
STEM-ID all icons-2.png
STEM-ID all icons-7.png
STEM-ID all icons-5.png
STEM-ID all icons-4.png
STEM-ID all icons-8.png
STEM-ID all icons-10.png
STEM-ID all icons-11.png

Motion Graphics

The motion graphics were done to be simple and streamlined video intros for presentations. There are both versions of the logo and the icons for specific units. 

Full Brand Book

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