Camp Cryptids

Copy Editor: Jake Hendrix

Bardic, a storytelling and podcast company, needed a new and physical way to reach its audience. Bardic's audiences range from young kids to adults,

all sharing an interest in fantasy and adventure.

Camp Cryptids is an 8+ board game where players collect monsters in the dark forest at summer camp. It's great for sleepovers, family game nights, and table top meet-ups.

The box illustration depicts a few iconic monsters enjoying a campfire while the campers look on from the shadows. This reflects the game's main objective—to capture cryptids!

The players need to break curfew to collect as many cryptids and as much evidence as possible in the expansive dark forest. But don't get caught by the camp counselor or the other campers!

The cards are organized into two decks: Actions Cards which you take at the end of each turn and give you a command, and Dark Forest Cards which include all the things players might encounter while sneaking around at night.

Rule Book