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Pace Sensory Room

Team: Myself (Designer) 
Kate Yoo (Designer)
Rachel Howard (Designer)
Copy Editor: Jake Hendrix

Midtown Atlanta is filled with business, commerce, and stressed-out, tired workers who need a place

to unwind and relax either during their lunch

breaks or after hours. So we created Pace, a light therapy space.


The typeface is thin and airy to represent the minimalist approach to the space, while also being very round and smooth to signal a welcoming environment. 


The gradient reflects the gently changing light in the space covering the blank walls. Echoing this aesthetic is important to the brand identity as a whole.

Oblique Process-15.jpg

The light therapy space creates a minimalist atmosphere. Visitors are embraced by soothing lights as they meditate, write, or chat quietly.

Oblique Process-18.jpg

Digital Brand Book

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